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Since 1926
We don’t need to tell you that water is essential to life. Without water, your home, farm or industrial facility would cease to function. If your water pump is broken, you need immediate service from Sam Jorgensen Pump Co., Inc. Since 1926 we have provided customers in Reedley and the surrounding areas with sales and service of all makes and models of water pumps. Our adept staff can repair or rebuild all types of pumps for various applications. And if we can’t fix or repair it, we can sell you a brand new pump at an affordable price.
Water Pump
Sam Jorgensen Pump Co., Inc., is a member of the city of Reedley Chamber of Commerce. We are licensed. Well Spy and Just Water are affiliated with Sam Jorgensen Pump Co., Inc.
Ray Remy – President / CEO
Lyle Preheim – Operations Manager 
Contractor License # 222-716
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
24-Hour Service Available